Pastor Tim and Pam Godfrey

Pastor Tim and Pam have been pastoring Castlefield since 2011. However, they have a long history within the church. Pam attended Castlefield with her family all throughout her childhood. She brought Tim to the church when they were teens. They served as youth leaders for several years before attending Elim Bible Institute. Tim also received […]

Alex and Dorcas

I’ve been an Elder at CCC for the past 20 years and the blessings just keep coming. God has been so good to Dorcas and I over the past several years and in the scope of things, the time I spend giving back to Him isn’t even a grain of sand on a vast beach […]


Around CCC, I am known for my anointed gift of nagging.  No, you won’t find it anywhere in the Bible, but I claim this gift proudly.  I am happy to serve where I am needed the most. You can find me getting my feet wet in a little bit of everything including: planning committees, worship […]


I grew up knowing that I was loved by God. The fact that He chose to trade His Son’s life for mine is never far from my thoughts. That is why I serve as a deaconess at CCC. More than anything else I pray for the privilege to introduce people to my loving God who’s […]

Rudy and Joy

I am married to my best friend Joy and am a very proud father of two beautiful daughters.  I take pride in working with my hands and am honoured that I can use something I enjoy to bless the church.  Philippians 2:1-4 is my guide for church life.  What do I like most about CCC?  “It […]

Roger and Althea

Raised by my grandmother, as a child I did not fully recognize the impact of nightly family prayers. Today, I believe in the power of prayer to move the hand of God. Althea and I met in St. Lucia while on Christmas vacation and she introduced me to CCC when we returned. We have served […]


Laura has been part of the CCC family since birth and there is no doubt she has a passion for our church family, the leadership and our vision to see the City of Toronto “raised to life”. Laura is the 2nd born to our Pastor Tim and Pam and she continually demonstrates her self-proclaimed title […]